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Last updated 2008-04-11
SPS Data Line Filter Family

Without filtering any wires, telephone lines or other data transmission lines can cause unwanted leakage of information into the environment of a computer room having or not electromagnetic shielding. Data line filters are requested to insert into lines have to lead thorough the electromagnetic (metal) shielding of EMC test rooms to attenuate the RF disturbance level coming from the environment.
SPS10/100 Data Line Filter contains in common milled Aluminum enclosure ten filters provide 100dB attenuation up to 18GHz over their transmission band.

Main technical performances:

sps spec

Standard connectors of the SPS10/100 Data Line Filter:

sps spec

sps spec

Typical attenuation curve of the analogue telephone (TF) filter:
sps spec Assembling up to the wall plain into perpendicular position: sps spec
When the Aluminum enclosure of SPS10/100 filter is assembled up a metal plate part of the room’s shielding according the drawing above, the following standard connectors access are available outside and inside of the room also:
• One 9 pin D-sub connector for PC serial port (RS232),
• Two 8/4 RJ45 connector for ISDN S0 or Videoconferencing (VC) or Ethernet (LAN),
• Five 6/2 RJ11 connector for analogue/digital telephone (TF, DTF) or ADSL transmission

Round cables can also be applied for input and output connection. For this purpose terminal blocks are available for screw connection of 10 wires.

Assembling over wall plain:

sps spec
According this drawing for round cable connection of lines flexible shielded tube is offered. The metal plate in the drawing is part of the room’s metal shielding. The standard output connectors have to be layed by a metal cover plate. Both the flexible shielded tube and the cover plate can be ordered as accessories of SPS10/100 filter.
In lack of shielded room significant attenuation value (40-60dB, acceptable in residential area) can be achieved simply using at least 1m long shielded round cable at SPS10/100 filter input and output as well.