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Last updated 2011-05-31
Detailed professional record

When the domestic private networks and the mobile telecom have started our team was among the first ones who recognized the significance of high quality engineering services and first of all the importance of the installation of imported equipment.

The Interior Ministry was purchasing for the Border Police in 1992-93 from Motorola an FM radio system and our team was delegated to make the factory acceptance, to have training, to do the installation of the sample station in Rábafüzes and to train the Border Police experts.

At the beginning of domestic mobile telecom in 1992 we participated in the implementation of the microwave network of the Westel Rádiótelefon Kft. and in the extension of the MOL network. We delivered and installed for the a.m. companies digital point to point microwave radios of own design.

In 1993 our team won the microwave network supply and implementation tender of Pannon GSM and within the scope of this we supplied microwave radios we built the up the core of the network, meeting the tense rollout plan of Pannon GSM. The Pannon GSM company is still our key customer, we are participating int implementation of their network to the full satisfaction of them. Within the Pannon GSM countrywide network we installed and commissioned several hundred of small capacity point to point microwave radiolinks.

Very significant reference work for us the implementation of the full countrywide microwave SDH backbone network of Pannon GSM we are doing continously from 1995. In this project we installed and commissioned microwave radios, multiplexers, network management systems and big size antennas. We installed 4 m diameter parabolic antennas in heavy environment with industrial alpinist technology on the top of up to 100m high steel made towers.

The Motorola company with international goodwill contacted us within the MATÁV RLL project asking us that our engineers could contribute as members of the team in the implementation of the network. More than half a dozen engineers of ours worked several years in order of successful realization of the project in different positions of senior expert, head of implementation, implementation supervisor.

We participated in the implementation of the Vodafone network. In 2001 we installed a base station at the HUNGEXPO-BNV site. We installed and dismounted temporary BTS at Pepsi-island. We performed minor works in the Vodafone showroom of the MOM Park. In 2002 we made the MOM Park 2. phase complete design and implementation (28 antenna, 26 Insite BTS).

We performed for the Westel 900 Co. (T-Mobile Hungary) different work connected to our field of activity, doing at the same time the general contractor tasks as well. We were contracted to do some very complicated work like installation on factory chimney, art relic temple spire.

We undertook siginificant part in the implementation of the countrywide network of Antenna Hungária, among others with the installation of point- multipint and point to point microwave radios.

Under prime contracting of Siemens Telefongyár we installed Cisco 2.4 GHz 1 Mbps capacity spread spectrum equipment to meet the IT network and IP telephony need of Szabolcs and BAZ country police objects

Based on ALCATEL's request we provided engineering service in the search and verification of potential microwave sites.

In parallel with the installation of the microwave radios based on the knowledge of the customer demand we extended the variety of the equipment to be installed with special equipment connected to the microwave radios that is we installed and we still installing huge quantity of Tellabs/Martis intelligent cross-connect equipment, Tadiran ADPCM equipment.

We provide complex services to our partners, we perform different type of works at a station based ont he task given. We prepared the technology of telecom power systems and inverters related to telecom networks.

In the year 2000 we won the supplier tender of Pannon GSM and we continously supply, install and repair the Norwegian ELTEK uninterruptable power systems. We have delicate know-how and experience in the field of the test of batteries installed several years ago a question causing problems later or sooner for each network operator. This is valid also for the special preconditions of the battery storage we have.

We extended our services to the surrounding countries in order to have better load of our capacity. Our professional reputation was crossing the border via our partners from the West. Without the demand of completness we just mention some of the projects.

Together with California Microwave company we built in 1996 the Montenegro ProMonte GSM network.

During several years we installed intelligent cross connect equipment in the Czech Hughes RLL project and also the same for the Slovakian EuroTel GSM.

We delivered and installed greenfield and rooftop base stations, including delivery of towers and containers for the Rumanian MobilRom company. It the same country we provided engineering services for Motorola in selection of the microwave points of the network.

We were and we are ready to deliver and install additional parts and objects first of all in the design and delivery of standard and unique antenna mounts, but we can deliver towers and containers as well. We deliver custom tailored assembled cables, following the appropriate quality assurance rules.

Based on the request from the customer we prepare the as built documentation of the station in the expected professional form. The as built documentation covers the whole process of the installation from the site survey up to the handover.

The necessary infrastructure for the above mentioned works is provided by means of offices, laboratories and warehouses located in our owned facility in the district XIV of Budapest near to the M3 highway. We have the necessary test instruments. Our professionals are driving across the country our own 4WD cars. We have a 30 workstation LAN which helps us in the planning and recording of our work. We have the necessary CAD softwares. We are using scanners, digital photocameras and video recorders. We have a 2 person group for the preparing the documentation using the above mentioned network and softwares. One reach us hours through ISDN phone network, internet and GSM providing 24 hours standby even on weekends. We have our own web server and a leased line connecting us to our partners through th internet.

Our quality management system EN ISO 9001:2008. The quality plays important role. Based on several years of experience we can say that our customers are satisfied with the quality of our work.

In addition to the complex telecom network implementation services we are dealing with the development and production of custom tailored passive waveguide RF devices like direction couplers, filters, diplexers. We develop and produce custom tailored antennas. We developed fisrt of all for EMC test facilities the innovative low cost absorber family CSA and CPA absorbing the electromagnetic emmissions in the frequency range 30 MHz-18 GHz. We build turnkey EMC chambers. The other possible field of use of the absorbers is the decreasing the radiation load of building located in living area (e.g. an additional layer against the electrosmog). We are capable to build such buildings where the walls absorb the electromagnetic waves by means of their material.

We perform control tests of shielded rooms. Our main references are the EMC chambers of HIF (Telecommunication Authority) and MATÁV (HTC).