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Last updated 2008-04-11
Switched Mode Inverter UNV-F

Switched Mode Inverter UNV-F
Power rating: 1.2 to 5.0kVA@230VAC

- 19" rack with Hot-plug-in technology
- High power density
- Ability of parallel operation
- Easy programming of operating parameters with front side control panel
- Fan cooling, temperature controlled and monitored
- CAN bus interface

The switched mode inverters of the UNV series, manufactured in modern HF technology, have a high power density, a perfect regulated sinewave output voltage and are able to run in parallel operation. Several units can be switched in parallel operation to increase the total output power of an AC power supply system or to increase the availability by redundant operation. All current European safety and EMC standards are fulfilled. The unit is equipped with rear side connectors and can be plugged-in in existing cabinet slots during system operation.

For further increase of the system availability various numbers of static bypass switches (UNB) with different power ratings are available. The inverter output frequency is synchronized with a synchronbus signal of the static bypass switch to the public mains frequency. Due to this synchronisation the transfer time to the second source is minimized to some milliseconds. The voltage gap on the sinewave curve is not detected by the AC load.

The inverter is available for an battery feeding voltage of 108VDC.
The load output is designed as a standard for 230VAC/50Hz. Special voltages and frequencies are available on request.