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Last updated 2008-04-11
Modular Inverter INV216
Modular Inverter INV216
Power rating: 1.8kW(2.25kVA)@230VAC

- Hot-Plug-in technology with rear side connection
- High power density because of newest HF technology
- Parallel operation ability
- Redundant synchronisation bus (double safety)
- Fan cooling, temperature controlled and monitored

The switched mode inverters of the new INV series, manufactured in the newest HF technology, have outstanding characteristics like high power density, small dimensions, high overall efficiency, modularity and the ability for hot-plug-in. The new module is rated to 1.8kW (2.25kVA). The unit is designed especially for telecommunication sites. An active input side regulation reduces the ripple on the DC bus to minimal values. All current European safety and EMC standards are fulfilled. To increase the total system output power or for redundant operation several units can be switched in parallel operation.

To increase the system availability a new compatible static bypass switch (STS207, 7kVA) is available for delivery. Up to 3 inverter modules together with the STS207 can be installed within a 19" subrack of only 2U.

The inverter is available for battery voltages of 48 and 60VDC.

The load output is designed as a standard for 230VAC/50Hz. Special output voltages and frequencies are available for delivery on request.