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Last updated 2008-04-11

Implementation and testing of EMC chambers, shielded rooms

We are ready for the turnkey implementation of the indoor test sites suitable for EMC and radiofrequency qualifying.

As the result of the applied CSA and CPA absorber panels/blocks the total cost of the test site is within the possibilities of the SME going to qualify they own products. In order to reach the possible lowest cost T-Network uses the the parent room covering the inner surface with a continous metalized fabrics or steel plate layer. As part of the cost saving we use individual shielded doors of our design.

The CSA and CPA absorbers can be combined with ferrite tiles in order to minimize the necessary quantity of the expensive ferrite material.

Our main rferences are HIF (NHH) and MATV EMC chambers in Budapest.

We are ready for the design, implementation and testing of shielded rooms.

EMC chamber implemented without use of ferrite tiles

EMC chamber

EMC chamber implemented with CSA, CPA and ferrite tile absorbers

EMC chamber