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Last updated 2009-03-21
Outdoor Cabinet

    (with optional DC power and battery)

Type 2 Outdoor Cabinet

A key to reliability in the outside plant is creating a cool, dry and secure environment for the electronics. With durable construction the Type 2 Power Cabinet incorporates tailored thermal systems (fan/filters, air conditioners and heaters) that will keep even the most sensitive electronics functioning in extreme environments.
This product has a variety of mounting options; plinth for pad mounting or brackets for attachment to walls, poles, or H-frames.

The Type 2 cabinet platform is designed for a variety of applications and can be tailored to fit your specific needs. The cabinet is well suited for power equipment, batteries, telecom gear, all integrated into a robust, economical package. The
Type 2 cabinet is well suite for areas that require limited equipment installation such as Wireless backhaul, Fiber Rings, Cable TV, DSL, and WLAN applications. The cabinet also works well as a stand-alone power or battery solution for additional growth to existing application. In addition the hardened outdoor enclosure is suited for Industrial environments.

Reliability in the outside plant depends upon the creation of a cool, dry and secure environment for the electronics. The Type 2 Power Cabinet more than accomplishes this with a variety of Thermal Management solutions that will keep sensitive electronics functioning in the most extreme environments.

- Width: 585mm
- Depth: 530mm + cooling
- Height: 736mm / 12U for equipment + 3U cable management and AC distribution

Fan & Filter Over pressure
Air Conditioning Unit
Cooling system in door
-Configure and/or upgrade

All Solutions are IP55 certified
Simple frame
Single skin with optional insulation

Mounting options
Plinth 150mm
Wall or Pole bracket

Data sheet Type 2 Outdoor Cabinet

We sell also Type 3 1,5m and 1,8 m high outdoor cabinets:
Data sheet Type 3 Outdoor Cabinet