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Last updated 2015-03-04

Double Ridged Horn antenna

Double Ridged Horn antenna

(The antenna with horn adapter)

The DRHF 1-18 multioctave band, microwave Double Ridged Horn antenna used first of all for EMC Lab was successfully tested.
This is a so called High Gain antenna with special construction, consisting of an innovative builtin focusing device. Bandwith is 1-18GHz as it is coded by the type.
The antenna is the cheapest amplifier!


first of all EMC, micowave testing, shielding testing.
The required minimum 60 V/m field strength from 1m distance was provided with a 5W (37 dBm) amplifier! At certain frequencies it was more than 200 V/m field strength!

As far as a lot of well known companies are producing similar antennas, we compared the technical parameters. We investigated the products of 10 market leaders with good names, like ETS (EMCO), TDK, Schaffner, Rohde&Schwarz and others. The offered T-Network Kft. solution, among others due to the builtin focusing device has "Gi" izotrop gain parameter ( Gi 3m typical 12-21 dB !!!) much higher than of the said 10 antennas (Gi 3m typical 7-16 dB). The enhancement is 5 dB!!!